Shelves of nutshells

Shelves with boxes

Curious boxes  began when Shellie Byatt and Adrienne Craddock started working with simple modelling clay to make maquettes for small bronzes which were exhibited in the Sladmore Contemporary, London.

Adrienne Craddock    Salmon and Eve

Adrienne Craddock
Salmon and Eve

    Shellie Byatt Here is my heart

Shellie Byatt
Here is my heart

This sparked an interest in working with modelling clay in its own right, with the addition of paint and mixed media. Inspired by reliquaries and religious icons, these small and intricate works are housed in little boxes and containers, reflecting their symbolic and precious qualities.

This Curious boxes blog is charting their course.

As well as working on their own individual projects they have collaborated creatively several times over the last ten years. They have a shared interest in working from words and text and joint projects include a national touring exhibition Wagging Tongues, an Arts Council supported project inspired by world proverbs. They are  currently working on Madam I’m Adam –  drawings, prints and collage on the theme of Adam & Eve.


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