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Baby Shellie Byatt

Shellie Byatt

This little character has been lying in a nutshell box all on her own for a while…when I looked at her today I thought she should have some companions so I have removed her to a bigger nutshell where she will find company at last. She started life as part of the puppet challenge on Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Artlog. I’ll update here when she has found her new life….

The Art Shop & Chapel exhibition 25 April

The Chapel Gallery, Abergavenny The curious boxes are making an appearance in the opening exhibition in this beautiful new gallery. This newly renovated chapel is in Market Street, in the centre of Abergavenny. It’s a beautiful space with coffee shop, bookshop, childrens’ area and pretty landscaped garden. The exhibition opens on 25 April and runs until 6 June. For more details look at the Art Shop & Gallery website.

Horse frightened by lightening

Horse frightened by lightening. Adrienne Craddock

Horse frightened by lightening.
Adrienne Craddock

This new piece was titled Bonny white mare but as I put it together it reminded me of that Stubbs painting ‘horse frightened by lightening’. I was horse mad and fascinated by Stubbs as a child – by all those gleaming coats and wild eyes.

Little Nativity.

I made little Nativity retablos like this one just before Christmas. They are just 7cms high and 5cms deep…difficult to capture the shadowy depths in a photo!

Little nativity Shellie Byatt

Little nativity
Shellie Byatt

I kept this one and have just packed it away in the Christmas box. I’ll be making some more with different themes, maybe Rumpelstiltskin or Red Riding Hood.